Going Extra Mile


The GEM recognition award is designed for Kaiser Permanente Southern California Regional Offices employees who Go the Extra Mile to advance our standard of excellence.

Kaiser Permanente supports the GEM program as a platform that applauds exemplary employee performance! The GEM program endorses the organization's mission, vision, and core values by rewarding individuals and teams that shine.

The GEM award is presented to individuals or teams in Southern California Regional Offices that exhibit one or more of the following:

  • Benefit our members, employees or the community
  • Demonstrate or encourage Kaiser Permanente's core values
  • Exemplify outstanding service
  • Generate cost savings
  • Improve results significantly
  • Stimulate innovation
  • Uphold the highest quality standards

Individuals and teams that meet the GEM criteria deserve acknowledgement. Is there a GEM in your department, down the hall or in a neighboring office? Tell us their story!


We especially want to hear about employees that endeavor to fulfill Kaiser Permanente's core values.

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What is the GEM program?

GEM is a two-tiered recognition program for Kaiser Permanente Southern California Regional Offices employees. It acknowledges exemplary employee performance and remarkable employee contributions.

What are the criteria for GEM recognition?

A GEM individual is a non-physician employee and a GEM team is a group of employees/physicians in a Southern California Regional Office. We recognize employees that:

  • Achieve significant results or cost savings for the organization
  • Contribute an important program which directly benefits our members, our employees, or the community
  • Demonstrate outstanding service or quality
  • Exhibit or encourage the Kaiser Permanente core values (as listed below)
  • Stimulate innovation or improvements to processes or technologies

What are the Kaiser Permanente core values?

  • Accountability
  • Community
  • Diversity
  • Flexibility
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Partnership
  • Results
  • Service

Who is eligible for the GEM program?

The GEM recognition program is for all employees who are employed by and report to a Kaiser Permanente Southern California Regional Office, including:

  • All nominees must be employed by Kaiser Permanente Southern California and in good standing at the time of nomination.
  • Any part-time, full-time SCPMG or HP/H employee or manager employed as a Regional Offices employee.
  • Non-physician senior leaders on executive payroll are eligible.
  • Physicians may be nominated and recognized ONLY as part of a team. Physicians cannot be nominated for GEM recognition as individuals.
  • Regional department employees whose office is based in a medical center may participate (in only one recognition program).

Who is NOT eligible for the GEM program?

  • Contract, on-call, and temporary personnel are not eligible.
  • Non-physician executives are excluded from the program.
  • Program Office employees and physicians who work at a Southern California location are not eligible.

What are the two tiers of the program?

  • Tier 1 is the Sapphire tier: meets the stated criteria at a high level of performance or through an elevated volume of work.
  • Tier 2 is the Diamond tier: meets or exceeds the stated criteria through an extraordinarily high level of performance, a large quantity of highly impactful work, and may also demonstrate personal sacrifice.

Who can nominate someone for GEM recognition?

Any Kaiser Permanente employee can nominate a SCAL Regional Offices employee, colleague or manager for GEM recognition. Any Kaiser Permanente employee can nominate a SCAL Regional Offices team of employees, colleagues or managers for GEM recognition.

What happens after I nominate an employee or a team of employees?

Nominate and your job is done. Sit back and relax. As long the nominee meets the criteria, is in good standing, and is approved by their manager, they will receive Sapphire recognition.

Can I nominate someone for the Diamond tier instead of the Sapphire tier?

No. Think of the Sapphire tier as your nominee's entry into the GEM program. Once entered, they're then eligible to move to the Diamond tier. Eligibility for the Diamond tier recognition is determined by a selection committee, not by direct nomination.

How do nominees move from the Sapphire tier to the Diamond tier?

Twice a year, all Sapphire tier nominations are reviewed by a selection committee and scored in accordance with the stated criteria. The top nominations move to the Diamond tier.

Do multiple nominations increase an individual's chance of becoming a Sapphire GEM?

No. One nomination is all it takes for Sapphire recognition, and to put your nominee on the track for recognition.

What if my co-workers and I want to nominate the same person for a Sapphire GEM?

That's great but one nomination is all it takes. Whether we obtain one nomination or ten, the nominee will still receive a single Sapphire GEM award. Ten nominations don't earn ten Sapphire GEM awards, nor do they increase the nominee's chance of becoming a Diamond GEM award recipient. Please pool multiple nominations into a single nomination.

Is there anything I can do to strengthen my nomination?

A compelling story helps! Tell the story about your GEM nominee with as much detailed information and interest as you can. Explain why their story fits the GEM program's criteria. Exactly how did your nominee uphold one of Kaiser Permanente's core values? How did they contribute to improve care or affordability? Provide specific, supportive examples. Tell us...and don't hold back!

How do I nominate a GEM?